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Ruined extruder on Da Vinci 1.0A - replace with dual nozzle?

I have been lurking quite some time in this forum and it helped me a lot with configuring my Da Vinci 1.0A.
I finally flashed it with repetier and also after many tries gave up on printing PLA, up until recently I was using Voltivo ABS and all was great.
Then I started getting "header decoupled" errors and started investigating. I then narrowed the reason down to the connector for the two transparent sensor cables and tried to solder them premanently to the board. As I am really bad with soldering, I think i ruined the board in the process - now repetier can't read the temperature at all.

Long story short: I have to order a new extruder. And I am not sure if I should just get the replacement single extruder from xyzprinting or if you maybe have other recommendations that work with the stock carriage. My preffered option would be ordering a dual nozzle extruder, but I didn't find any information if anyone has evr successfully installed a dual extruder on an 1.0A.

I would be thankful for all advice, since the replacement extruder is not exactly cheap (not to mention they state to not ship spare parts to Europe, still have to figure something out for that).

Best Regards
Can you take some pictures of the board you damaged? it might be possible to repair it.

If you want to move to dual extruders on 1.0A and if 1.0A is like 1.0, you must improve your soldering skills as most of components to support second extruder are not populated on board : resistor/capacitor/step drivers/connectors/etc...
the pictures are attached. I broke one of the metal pins so I soldered the wire to the backside of the board (second picture). I also attached a picture of the hotend because I am not sure what causes the failure in reading the temp. Because the two wires are so close to each other it was difficult to see if there was a connection from the board to one specific wire...

Best Regards
Jakob[Image: IMG_20150224_072009.jpg][Image: IMG_20150224_072037.jpg][Image: IMG_20150224_072050.jpg]
Appears get black wrote is touching the ground plane of the pcb. You need a hotter iron, less contact time with pads, and likely a better solder. Make sure to heat the joint, then touch the solder to the joint. If you touch the solder to the iron it can burn up the flux resulting in a poor connection.

The board can be fixed, but it will never look oem. Wink

Hey, I finally got my new thermistor. The problem is I kind of ruined one of the contact points of the board to it. So now I soldered one wire directly to the connector where the white 7-pin plug gets connected. It's working now, but is this dangerous? I suppose I am bypassing some transistors this way, and I am not really sure if this is safe.

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