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Extruder swap: electrical connectors for thermistor and core
I'm about to switch to the E3d v6, but I'd like to keep my old extruder/hot end assembly intact. Has anybody already determined the exact connectors to use on the fan, thermistor, and heater core so that I don't have cut the connectors off the factory assembly and reuse them?

They are 2.5 mm JST 2 pin connectors for the fan and thermistor, and for the I believe they are JST 5.5mm 2 pins, but not sure. Good luck finding them anywhere in the states for a good price though. The only place I have found the assembled pigtails for the 2.5mm ones is adafriut which comes to more then 13 dollars for one plug...
My solution was to reuse the stock thermister and heater cartridge. They can easily be removed, and vice versa, from the stock hotend assembly.
Look at battery box's or connectors for RC batteries. I was able to find the connectors at my local electronics store for around 2 dollars. I bought battery box's because I needed the box's for another project, but they also had extension wires with the same connector for around a dollar.
Here's what I've found:

For the 2.54mm 2-pin JST:

For the heat core:

I'd check my own stuff, but the printer is running right now.
In my case
2.5mm JST is wrong
correct is JST 2.0 2Pin[Image: IMAG2677.jpg][Image: xyzstock.jpg][Image: IMAG2679.jpg]
Indeed, I just received a set of JST 2.54 from aliexpress and they don't fit..

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