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LCD and heater not working
Hi all, I recently replaced the heater cartridge and the thermistor. but found the problem to be that i had a broken wire in the connector going to the board where the extruder is. I was in the back checking the connectors and nothing seems to be unplugged or undone. It was heating after i replaced the cartridge and the thermistor, but once i fixed the wire the LCD and the heater would not work. I now have a correct temperature reading though. Any suggestions on what to do?
Check the three leds on the l motherboard. You might have shorted the heater wires fixing them which will burn a resistor on the motherboard. If so, do a search here add there are several options to repair the board.

So if their is only two LEDs lit their is a short right?
hi i have the same problem how would i go about fixing this

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