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Have new FW and Repetier on 1.0, am I good to go? Noooob!!!
Hi all, I hope this hasnt been answered elsewhere, ive had a good hunt around, apologies if this is a dumb ask. So I got a Davinci 1.0 this week (my first printer after many years of outsourcing) and reflashed the firmware yesterday as per the youtube instructions, very easy and thanks to everyone who have put the time into doing this, Im no coder (Industrial Designer, crayons and cardboard are more my bag...) but you've made this really simple. I also followed the development thread and couldnt find any follow up there, basically it leaves me hanging once Ive uploaded the FW and installed the software. I did this as the xyzware was so crap it couldnt deal with my STL out of solidworks (which are generally always heavy for some reason). Anyway, have leveled the bed manually, uploaded an stl into reptier, but before I press go, is there anything else I need to know, are there any settings I should be altering, or base settings I need to know. I will obviously start playing a bit once Ivve had a good initial print, but I guess Im a little confused as to whether I can now just go for it..when I follow all of these threads there is so much technical information I get a bit lost as to whether I should be doing anything additional to just the loading of the firmware and software and going for it. Thanks in advance for the hand-holding Wink
Actually, just to elaborate, I will be using Slic3r also, USB connected and running ABS as my filament for now.
If your slicer settings are correct, just hit the print button Smile
great, thanks oscahie. So I guess next question is what are the correct slicer settings? Thanks for the help
The safe basic values for ABS are 0.4 mm nozzle, layer height 0.2mm, temps 220 / 90 and speed 30mm/s. There are plenty of other threads in the forum discussing settings in detail, and even some people have shared their settings. Search a little Smile
Thanks, Ill do some searching. Much appreciated

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