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Worn Out Stock Gear
I have about 400 hours of run time on my 1.0. It have had really good success with my prints and some are not far behind the Fortus 250mc I have at work. Last weekend I was trying to print some parts and I got the lovely clicking noise when trying to extrude. At first I thought it was temperature or a clog but everything seemed OK. I looked at the stock brass gear and it looks fine but didn't feel sharp as it once did so I decided I may as well try a new gear.

I ordered a MK7 hobbed gear and installed it just now and my extrusion problems are gone! I didnt have a small gear puller so I used a Dremel and an abrasive disk and carefully cut it off without hitting the shaft.

Has anybody else worn out their stock gear too?

Edit: I should also mention I was having trouble with what looked like under extrusion. I've had this issue for the past few prints (before the failure). Top infill would have very consistent gaps between each line of filament. The gap was uniform across the surface indicating under extrusion. This seems to be gone now, but I guess its also possible I may technically be over extruding with the MK7 gear.
Haven't worn out a gear... but was planning on putting a mk7 gear on. Glad to hear it worked out. Did you leave the stock idler? I'm going to be changing that too; replacing it with a printed gear on a bearing.
Well I originally ordered a MK8 gear by accident and tried to get it to work. It has a smaller diameter so that posed a problem. the idler is mounted on a metal bracket which has a slot for a pin. I lengthened that slot trying to give more travel to the idler. It worked for a bit but then a bolt head was in the way. I couldn't quite get enough travel for the idler to push up against the gear so I ordered the MK7 and installed it without issue using the stock idler. I'm not sure if you would need to open that slot up or not though. It doesn't seem like you need though.
Already opened that slot up for other reasons. Thanks for the info!

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