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Reset doesnt seem to work
Im bit of a noob at all this but im wondering if anyone can help. Ive got a Da vinci 1.0 and I have an 'empty' cartridge (there is actually about 4M left which would be annoying) and im trying to reset it so I can use a spool I have got.
I bought an arduino uno and have made a little clip for holding the chip out of the cartridge.
I uploaded the sketch from here.
Next I connected my cartridge chip, the lights stopped blinking and I thought I had had success first time!
Pleased with my self I loaded the cartridge into the printer, but the stats still say there is 000 left in it.
I have tried uploading the sketch again but still no joy.
Im using the default 240M in the sketch.
Is there something im doing wrong?

Can anyone confirm if you can use the resetter with firmware 1.2.3?
Im sure i have read you can but im tempted to downgrade to test if thats my issue...

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