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Another delamination issue.
I know there are a hundred de-lamination threads, but it also seems there are just as many possible solutions. Im printing semi transparent black PLA, triple whammy i know, at 230/80 directly on the glass with hairspray. @235 I get alot of globs and inconsistent color. Bed adhesion isnt an issue, raft stays firmly attached throughout the build. Skirt the full height of the model didnt seem to do anything, it was a nice nozzle cleaner of sorts. The smaller versions of this came out OK, but I did notice a weakness in layers, not on pry but on impact. I was trying to lightly bend one and dropped it, busted into 4 clean segments.

Semitrans PLA - Print time 19hrs
.2 height 20%
L1 235/80 no fan
L2+ 230/80 %50 fan
1400.0 mm/min print speed
no multiplier, manual .40 width

Even though Im thrilled with the detail, should I try to print faster, while increasing the extruder heat so I get better adhesion?
Should I print with a thicker skirt, closer to the model?
Should I cut the fan off? ( I have manually done this while testing and I tend to end up with a burnt glob somewhere, within two layers of doing so)
Give up on this filament as some just suck and you cant do anything about it?
Should I give up tonight and then tomorrow make it my lifes mission to print this model, irrespective of time and cost? (sadly, I will probably end up doing this anyway)
Should I shut the F up and try all of the above twice, until I figure it out? (only problem with this option is it normally reveals itself late and is hard to see with the skirt)
Am I completely off base and need to tweak X?

Any input is appreciated, if this happened with a smaller model Id just tweak it repeatedly until it printed correctly, but the small versions come out fine.
Is it worth troubleshooting the horrible skirt separation? I never print anything that thin and at .2 I kind of expected it.

Thing #27666
Couldn't wait to remove the skirt, from what I could see while it was printing it was going to turn out awesome.
[Image: 2015-02-18%2008.10.25.jpg]

Some of the supports were pulled off before the picture.
Instead of hearing the angels singing like I expected, I heard a gorilla fart. Sad
[Image: 2015-02-18%2018.31.47.jpg]
Wow, I had never seen such a huge delamination issue... and I saw some pretty bad ones when I was doing only ABS. Normally inter layer adhesion issues are resolved with higher extrusion temp and a more even cooling, but given the temps you are using, I don't think that'd be the problem. Perhaps you are actually underextruding? I'd use a more sane extrusion width of 0.48 (not sure why S3D defaults to 0.4 for PLA, it seems wrong to me).

Also, what was the point on that tall skirt? just to keep the heat in? I don't know, on my short experiene with PLA I've always printed with all doors open, and fan at 100%, don't seem to need to keep heat from escaping the build chamber. Haven't had a single delamination issue so far.

Finally, why the bed at 80? I print PLA with blue painters tape and bed at 50 and the adhesion is just fine.
I know, right? The most I had ever had was a corner of a box curl up and a little top layer separation with thin stuff.
This filament has sucked really bad and I wouldnt have gotten this far without hairspray and high bed temp. The frustration ender, blue tape didnt even work.
Unfortunately, I really liked the color and texture with statue models so its become somewhat of a mission.
Im also a little bit delusional thinking if I can get this one right, subsequent challenges will be a breeze.

The tall skirt is something thats worked in the past with tall ABS prints so I applied it here, along with the door closed and fan speed.

Maybe i went overboard with ABS tricks and am keeping it too warm to properly set? Most of the time I see that all my edges are real sloppy and curling upwards but maybe this particular filament doesnt exhibit that.

Ill go back to my original PLA profile with the addition of .48 width. No heat on bed, all doors open, fan full bore on 3rd layer. Thanks.

To be honest, the reason for nearly all of my settings is trying to get the @$%^&# print to stick. I thought I was in the clear with painters tape until I came across this plastic.
went back to a reliable PLA profile and bumped up the extrusion a little. Back to not sticking on the bed and following the nozzle around. Maybe I should crank the heat back up on the first layer and gradually drop it back down for the remaining layers. That was sure death for ABS but maybe its ok for PLA since it doesnt contract as much.
Kicked my temps and speed way down, fan @ 100% after layer 3. Still horrible delamination issues, in fact half my model had gotten knocked off just while printing. I think this particular filament is garbage, which is unfortunate since I do like how it looks, just not the strength. On the plus side, this filament exhibited some of the same tendencies as another problem filament I have, glow in the dark PLA. With my new settings PLA glow now prints awesome, so at least I improved somewhere! Wink

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