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Bad printing quality
Hi guys, even if I managed to solve my extruder clicking problems (so far at least) i'm not getting a very good print quality with PLA. I've tried printing a couple of objects and got the result shown in the attachments below during first layers. Even if it seems to go on and complete the print (which generally comes out nice but not "perfect") i'd like to improve my print's quality. What could be the problem? Bad platform calibration? Too low extruder temp (my filament should be printed at 220°C but i use 210°C)? Also i noticed that sometime first layers don't stick to the glass, should i rise bed temp (actually 50°C)?
Thank you![Image: image-2.jpg][Image: image-3.jpg][Image: image-4.jpg][Image: image-5.jpg]
Your bed seems to be still way too close, or you are over extruding a lot. Try setting the extrusion multiplier to 0.9. As for adhesion, I've found that what works really well with PLA is the blue painters tape, with the bed at around 50-60ºC (or even cold).
Hi oscahie and thank you for the answer. I'm on stock firmware so i presume i should use and external slicer to set extruder multiplier, am i right? Also i'm not English/American so i really don't know what actually you are referring as "blue tape", or - better saying - maybe i know but i can't identify it because my English is not that good. Could you please explain me in detail what is it used for/ where can i buy it? Thank you very much Smile
Just google 'blue painters tape' and you'll find out Smile It's also known as masking tape. You can probably buy it in most hardware stores.

If you are on stock firmware, are you then using official PLA cartridges or a resetter thingy? do you have one of those recent -allegedly- PLA compatible hotends?
I'll google it and find how it is know in my country, thank you Smile
Anyway i built an arduino resetter and i'm using 3rd party filament. In order to make it work with stock extruder i added some heatsinks and thermal paste on the extruder, installed a different fon mouth from the stock one (and also reversed the fan to invert the airflow) and finally added secondary fan (it can be seen in one of the pictures above).
Here's the results of the print[Image: image-6.jpg][Image: image-7.jpg][Image: image-8.jpg][Image: image-9.jpg]
Ah ok then. I still think your issue is mainly with bed leveling, as in your forth picture of the first post it's clear that your bed and nozzle are way too close. The infill of the first layer should be nice and smooth, i.e. flat.
I tried re calibrating using paper method. I think that it is still not right because i get another issue: when printing first layer part of the filament does not stick properly to the bed (picture below). First layer thickness seems better anyway. I'm using simplify3d now, which allows to set a lot of things compared to XYZWare. Using 0.3 layer, If i try ti go with 0.2 filament sticks to the extruder and the whole print becomes a mess. Printing at 220C extruder 60C bed.[Image: image-10.jpg]
You are still printing over the bare bed... you should use blue painters tape or something else to improve the adhesion.
You're right but unfortunately this tape in not so easy to find in my place. I also read in the internet that the tape should be used (generally) when you have no heated bed, am i wrong? Sorry for the stupid questione but i am still a newbie Smile. It seems that here in the forum almost everyone print PLA on bare glass with successfull results. I forgot to tell that i use an oiler on top of the extruder to lubrificate the filament with olive oil in order to avoid jams. Could this affect the "grip" between filament and bed? Thank you
Other tests printing the famous Yoda model! I think it is a nice result, however there are still imperfections, like "drops" of filament that stack up on some spots (pictures may help to understand what i'm talking about). Used Simplify3d to slice and glue to assure first layer adhesion. Any advice?[Image: image1.jpg][Image: image2.jpg][Image: image3.jpg][Image: image4.jpg]
other pics[Image: image5.jpg][Image: image7.jpg][Image: image8.jpg][Image: image9.jpg]
If you are still struggling with adhesion and cant obtain tape, non aerosol max hold hairspray does the trick quite nicely. I spray some on a crumpled up paper towel and then blot the bed. Works great and you arent covering the inside of the printer with hairspray. My print area now smells like the 80's, so you may want to find unscented as well. Wink

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