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Front Left Portion will not Print first layers
I'm having a very strange issue, my printer 1.0a stopped trying to print the first couple of layers of all my print in the front left section of the print bed. I've tried simplify3d &XYZ soft also tried it with both hatchbox and XYZ filament. both have the same issue.

What happens is that the extruder just clicks while in the front left area and then starts right back up as the print head moves in the other areas. If i just let it print it will start laying down layers after about layer 3.

Any ideas?[Image: IMG_20150217_121655.jpg]
Horribly uneven bed?
any way to check without doing the whole calibration? Wouldn't it just be extruding over the air then?
Im with Oscahie, youre too close to the bed at that side, left side is way high. Even if it does start to extrude at layer 3, youre on the fast track for a jam. Bed re-calibration is less painfull than taking the extruder apart. Wink

Just re-read your post, your kicking back (clicking) already, best to fix it now before it requires a teardown.
alright guys i'll give it a try tonight. Thanks for the responses. I'm still on stock firmware (I bought a 3 year warranty) would you recommend the built in application, paper sliding method, both, something else?
Well, you could do a paper calibration, which is tons quicker than the auto routine. Then doing the auto routine should be a one time shot of just watching it go through the motions.

Or just do a paper cal and mess with dialed in auto cal later.

Or just turn your left knob counterclockwise a quarter turn. Wink
HOW THE F*** IS THAT AUTO!!!, lol I guess i'm just getting in the scene that's all. 3 hours later and it prints like normal again, thanks guys
LOL! I think we have all said that exact thing at one point....
I'm getting some new locking 3M nuts, i got a couple of nice prints after I calibrated. Then I cleaned the platform and now it's completely out of wack again.
Glad you got it sorted, at least temporarily. Locking nut because the downward pressure while cleaning the bed is unscrewing the calibration knobs? Im asking because I have one spot on my z axis, where if I push down on the bed, it will drop a little bit, but only if Im parked in that one spot. Havent been able to find any threads chewed up or stuck plastic, so I just dont park there when im cleaning. Unless you are applying a good deal of pressure while cleaning, it doesnt seem like you should have to calibrate every time. Is it off balance on the left side again or did it move around? Wonder if there is a weakened spring somewhere?
While it was working I printed a dial indicator mount and ordered a dial indicator off of amazon (it'll be here tomorrow) so hopefully that will help speed up the process. Although I am getting worried because I tried to auto calibrate again last night and I finally got a pass but the same thing happened when I tried to print.

It will print on the side but in the middle I think the extruder is too close to the bed so i just get clicks and not prints, this is literally just after I calibrated.

Is there a height that is recommended I was using a target of 175, could that be the issue?
I think XYZ said it should be in the 230-250 range. My memory isnt that great so take that with a grain of salt. While auto call is nice, its alot quicker to do the manual paper method. I recalibrate after every 5 or so prints, and dont mind it at all. I dreaded having to do the autocal with all the back and forth and waiting for everything to get back up to temp. Added benefit with the manual paper method, you are actually calibrating to your target, nozzle to bed. Other methods you are calibrating something other than your target, rails in relation to the bed, nozzle in ration to the clips holding the glass...etc. 2 passes with manual calibration and im in better shape than a pass on auto.

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