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Strange Extruder Problem
Hi to all, new to the forum..and already asking a question... Big Grin

i have this strange behaviour on my Da Vinci 1.0 ...
since two days ago, everything worked fine, (i have 90 hours of printing, so the system is still new) but now i have this problem..

the Extruder heates correctly when i'm unloading or loading the filaments and even when i am calibrating the printer bed, but when i try to print, it seems to not be able to heat or at least to sense the right temperature, so i cannot print anything.

I have, for testing purposes, tried to install the repetier firmware, gut same problem.. when i preheat for ABS, the extruder works, when send a print, nothing at all...

Has anyone met a similar problem?

let me know.


If you print from SD does the same thing happen?
Are you using a cartridge that has been reset, possibly incorrectly?

Jumping to repetier was pretty major, when you say you "tried" does this mean you are now back on stock?

To me it sounds like you are sending something the printer cant comply with, either in gcode, the host, or in a cartridge. If you are now on repetier cartridge is ruled out.
Thanks for the answer, yes, i am back on stock.
but i think i got the problem...the black connector on the top of the extruder, the one that brings power to the extruder itself.. it seems that it's faulted.
i mean, i noticed that applying a little force on the two ends of the connector, the extruder keeps temperature. i think that the two copper connector inside are wobbling in the connector, so when the head moves, sometimes it fails to take power to the hot end..
i have to find a mean to feet it firmly placed, will do some test and hope to solve..
Welcome to the forum, btw.

Ok, makes sense that moving around alot would increase the odds of triggering a faulty connection. Odd that it didnt show up going its full extent during leveling, must be a sweet spot in the middle somewhere that puts the wires in a weird bind.

At least thats more cut and dry versus a "code" fix. Wink
ok, i can say that my temporary fix worked. just used some rubber bands to press on the connector, and all seems going well. have to think at a more definitve solution, maybe soldering the wires or printing a new more stable connector..

bye Big Grin


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