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Incorrect temperature readings on repetier .92
The problem i'm having is that the temperature reading is constantly 7.4 degrees celcius. The temperature of the room is about 21 degrees celsius. Even when the printer is heating the reading stays constant. I recently changed the thermistor and heater cartridge so i know that those aren't the problem. The reason I changed the thermistor is that it was originally reading 7.4 degrees celsius. I recently changed the firmware to repetier .92. It was working great for 10-15 prints, but then one of the prints lifted off the bed and everything went haywire. I thought that the thermistor went bad because the printer heated extremely hot, and the plastic started to smoke. I wasn't home to see what happened. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
even you heat with printer or hair gun temperature stay same ?
do you have picture of your nozzle , hot end, connections?
Hi, even with the heater heating it stays the same, I know it is heating because i burnt my hand pretty bad haha. attached is a picture of my connections. I had already covered everything in electrical tape, but i threw the picture in anyways. I know that the heater cartridge is non-polar, and i thought that since the thermistor is a type of resistor that it would be non-polar as well. Any ideas? I soldered all of the connections together fyi, so i don't think that the connections are the issue.Thanks[Image: 20150216_164201.jpg]
you removed the connections to the small board ? why ?
I removed it because I had read elsewhere that sometimes the connectors give bad connections and I wanted to remove any possible errors. You are talking about the connector for the heater cartridge correct?
thermal sensor is connected to this small board as well as fan and others sensors (jam/filament)

I am talking about sensor not heater cartrige, heater is not connected to this board

Well I would sugest to check wire continuity with a multimeter to be sure all is properly connected and the cut wires are really not doing short circuit, I would also check if there is a different behaviour when there is no sensor at all to be sure you are using the right wires...
LOL you are basically removing a part of the circuit for the thermistor and then you are surprised that your temp readings are off? Big Grin Put that breakout PCB back in...
do you have pictures of what you are talking about. When the snesor originally went bad, it was reading 7.4 degrees celsius.immediately after the problem, even when the thermistor was disconnected, it stayed at 7.4 degrees celsius. Now that the new thermistor is installed, it is still reading 7.4 degrees celsius, so would this suggest a short circuit or a broken wire somewhere? The wire going from the thermistor to the board is fine[Image: 20150217_071519.jpg]
i forget the exact value but if thermistor is not connected should be -30, not positive value
so yes I guess you have short circuit issue
do you have any idea where i should start looking? The wires and connectors going into the board are fine, any suggestion on where to start looking, and if i use a multimeter what sort of value should i be looking for|? thanks for the help
you can unplug the connector on main board if still 7 degres it means issue is not in wires
is that the one in the extruder body or in the back of the printer? thanks for being patient
if i just unplugged the printer while it was printing could this be an issue with the firmware? Could it be that I need to reflash it?
back of printer on main board
no, fw is fine unless you modified it
ok, so i unplugged the connector that is on the thermistor, and the value changed to 14.9 degrees celsius does this mean anything significant?
what connector did you unplug? please show picture
if temperature raise if you unplug something it means you have issue with your wires
the connector on the right is the one that I unplugged. does this mean that the new thermistor or the wire going into the connector is bad, or is it something further up in the cable?[Image: 20150217_220905.jpg]
sorry I am lost
you said previously you removed the small board
I have suggested you to unplug connector on main board back on printer and now you show me connector on small board that you said you did not used
i do not understand what you are doing you lost me

I suggest you to review all your cables one by one as temperature cannot be fixed if you heat and cannot be higher if you unplug sensor
so i started to test the voltages of the wires at the main board and at the extruder board all of the wires have the same voltage at each end, except the orange wire, I get 4 volts at the extruder head and nothing at the board. This should mean that the circuit for the orange wire is open somewhere right?

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