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Tell The Difference Between Warped Glass And Bed Or Rails
My glass appears to be bowed in the middle (higher than the edges of the glass). How can I tell the difference between the glass being warped or an issue with the rails? Using a dial indicator would only show the relative distance is off between them, but not which one was the problem.

Can anyone provide some insight?
Its more than likely the bed, quickest way to tell is to lay a flat edge across the length of the bed, and you will probably see gaps in the middle.
See this post
I have used a flat edge, but I'm not sure mine is of good enough quality.

I know others have had issues with bad glass especially with flaking and cracking, but I haven't had either. I'm pretty sure it is my glass, but I still would like to know a way of checking the drive system.
The stock glass warps... some warp down, some warp up. I just replaced mine with borosilicate glass from another member on this forum... getting much better results, no warped glass anymore.
I cant think of an easy way to tell if your rails are ok, but I do know your carriage would struggle and possibly fail if they weren't.
Bad rails also wouldnt make your glass appear warped, unless you factor in the reflection of the rails on the glass Wink

I went the same route as Tom as I had several areas flake off that I was tired of dancing around. Once I replace the glass Im going to see if there is anything I can do to level things up a bit more. Another user built up the bed platform but his bed was concave in the middle.

If its not affecting your prints too bad you could just live with it. It only became a problem for me when I started printing clear filaments.

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