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Davinci repetier firmware thermocouple install
Hey guys i have a tiny little project for my printer right now. I have my printer completely disassembled right now and i'm looking to install a thermocouple onto my e3d hotend so i can print in polycarbonate and pretty much anything else. I have the Max6675 breakout board for arduino which i'm going to use to connect the davinci's board to the thermocouple. I need to find extra pins on the board that i can use for hooking this up.

I know there are plenty of extra pins to get it figured out i just don't know which ones would work the best. I have the old style 1.0 board that has the removable stepper drivers. Any help with extra pins that aren't being used on the board that could be used for things would be great. I might add other features in the future to control things like extra fans and such with mosfets.

If nobody can help me out i'l figure it out and post an update for anyone who wants to do this as well.
I am interested in helping, but I don't have nearly enough knowledge of the repetier firmware yet to be any benefit. I will be watching this closely though. Best, Alex
Hi I am not sure what kind of pin you need but all pinout is available in my github (
some pins that are wired but useless or not critical are for Filament box EEPROM, some sensors (filament, Jam, top cover)
I already have the pinout sheet and i have been looking at it, i'm just figuring out what would work the best. For the Max6675 board i need 3 digital pins, I was planning to use two pins from the second extruder as well as another free one from somewhere else. I'm going to mess with it once i have some free time agian.
I suggest the one from the EEPROM as you won't use it and it is wired already
but if you have 1.0 be sure the ones from 2.0 you want to use are connected, as they do not populated several components on 1.0 board,2.0 pins may not be easily available

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