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Makerware slicer
I've been using makerware as my slicer. I have repetier installed but it should work with stock firmware. A few settings need to be changed. The gcode has to be edited with notepad. The start and end gcodes don't work with the da vinci. The profile is supposed to allow custom start and end gcodes but I couldn't get it to work.

I changed the build size dimensions in the replicator single profile. The slicer profile needs the start location changed. X is -33 and Y is -12. The start gcode needs G92 X-133 Y-112. With note pad the A extruder needs to be changed to E.

I check the gcode with repetier host. It shows off center but it prints on the center of the bed.

The setting are what work on my machine. My z height is different from stock. I did dry runs first and hit the power before it crashed.
Makerware is for another FW sailfish of same as
the temperature commands are not same as repetier and if I remember well bed is using command with T0 and extruder use different command with T0 for first extruder also
EDIT: I found the codes in S3D

[Image: S3D2.jpg]
I've ben using notepad++ to edit the gcode. With larger files it freezes sometimes when using replace all for a to e. When the file is uploaded in repetier host sometimes the it jumps layers or has lines where it shouldn't.

So I started using a batch file to replace the a with e. Just need to rename the file. Still use notepad++ to replace start and end gcode. Takes about as long as notepad++, but no freezing and no weird changes to the tool path.

powershell -Command "(gc test.gcode) -replace 'a', 'E' | Out-File test.gcode"
I'm trying to get this to work because major companies like Microsoft and autodesk are making their partnerships with makerbot. More are working the one click import to makerware. I'm trying to find a way to make that flow into a davinci or similar printer.

I've been using makerware as my only slicer for a month. Most have been successful print, the few computer errors and machine failures.

I found in the python folder some .egg files. They can be extracted by 7zip. Makerbot_driver is the one of interest, the gcode and gcodeprocessors files. This is how the slicer works.

For example I was able to edit RepSinglePrimeProcessor to not add the prime to the gcode. For now I'm running without prime but will add it later.

I am still working on the A instead of E problem. I tried changing many of the .py files but kept ending up with an error on unrecognized command. I can't find where but there must be a master acceptable commands list. I've seen reference to it but can't find the file its in.
This has been my workflow path.

In makerware export as gcode. Save as untitled.gcode

Run davinci.bat in same folder. It converts the A gcodes to E.

Open untitled2.gcode
Delete from
M136 (enable build progress)
M73 P0; Update Progress

Then delete everything after
; End of print

Then select all and copy.

Open New Text Document.txt

Inbetween the start and end gcodes hit paste. Save as a .gcode file.

Open in repetier host to verify. A general overview should be good, but for a larger file a layer by layer wouldn't hurt. Previous conversion methods I noticed random line segments. With this method I found none. That doesn't mean it can't happen.

The start gcode is what worked for me. My z height is probably higher than a stock davinci.

Run start gcode in dry run.
If you have any feeling KILL POWER FIRST before letting it hit.
Once dry run works watch atleast first layer before walking away.

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