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Heater died?
Hi folks,

Seems I've had a string of bad luck this week. In the middle of a print yesterday, my Da Vinci 1.0 stopped extruding, and the heater temp showed 35 degrees. I looked around a bit at past posts, and so I'm guessing that this means the wires going to the heater broke? Seems a little premature though since there's only 80 hours on my printer.

Can the wires be fixed? Do I have to buy the $99 single nozzle on the spare parts section of the XYZprinting website? Do I have other options?

Just to confirm that it's the wires out near the heater that broke, can I use a multimeter to test anything? Where should I check and what voltage readings should I expect?

It is the same size. You can buy a new heater cartridge off ebay for as little as $2 shipped (from China, that is).
Thanks, is this 12V or 24V? Are they all 40W?
Nevermind, I found the topic thread discussing this!
I just didn't know that the keyword of what I needed replaced was "heater cartridge" - thanks oscahie
You are welcome. The stock one is 35W by the way, and you'll be surprised at how much better a 40W is at reaching and keeping the target temperature. A really worthy upgrade for this printer IMO.

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