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Repetier Host 1.0.6 Manual Extrusion
Ok I give up. How do i perform an extruder calibration ?
Filament is in, connected to printer, hit extruder #1 button slider to 100. Nothing.
Extruder assembly unbolted from carriage. Cold extruder, I may add.
Can you control the other steppers with repetier or is it all not working? Also did you make sure the temperature is set and the extruder has reached the temperature before attempting to extrude/retract?
XYZ steppers working . The extruder needs to be hot ? Cant just run the extruder stepper by itself ?
Yes, it will jam up if the hotend isn't hot enough. I'm not sure what is monitoring it but I do know if my hotend is not on the extruder will not move. If you are wanting to calibrate the extruder then there is no way you are going to feed 100mm of filament through it without anywhere for it to go.
Hotend assembly unbolted from carriage. Only the stepper and board bolted. Hotend dangling.

Couldnt turn the hotend on from Repetier, using the slider. Went thru LCD turned extruder on- 170C. and couldnt turn fan off from Repetier.
Guess i dont understand.

Extruder now hot 170C. hit extruder #1 button slider to 100. Nothing.
Hmmm... The only other thing I can think of would possibly be the filament sensor. Is the sensor turned off in the firmware? You can try putting something in the sensor to break the circuit then try running the extruder.
Ck filament thru sensor- good
Ck LCD (firmware?) Sensor- off. Turned ON.
Hotend- 170C
Still nothing.

Dont know much about this, but- Repetier>Config>Firmware EEPROM Configurations>Filament Sensor On- 1
Found it.
Its Top Sensor, not Fil Sensor.

thank you very much.

Off by 22mm.

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