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PVA printing ?

I am trying to print using a Davinci 2 Duo and a combination of ABS (right extruder, temp 240) and PVA (left extruder, temp 195) using Simplify3D in order to have an easier way to remove the supports by dissolving them.

My issue is that the heat softens the PVA too much and it cannot be pushed into the extruder after a few minutes, making it just curl up inside the assembly after the gears but not being pushed prperly into the extruder head...

Is this the same issue that creates problems with printing using PLA because the heat crawls up the head in time ?

Did anyone successfully print using PVA on the Davinci ?

I don't have the 2.0, but what you are describing is consistent with heat creep and/or too high of print speed. The first thing i would try is to lower the print speed; you might need to lower it significantly. if that doesn't work i would look at improving the cooling on the cold side of the extruder.

Thank you, I believe you are dead on. I will try to lower the print speed and maybe use HIPS instead of PVA but I do not believe it will work reliably.
Btw, you may also need to reduce retract. When i was doing pla on the stock extruder i kept retract at 0.


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