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Successful flash but now printer not bidirectional, no Print
So I was able to follow the steps to flash Da Vinci 2.0 (old MB) to .92 repetier.

I manually leveled bed and the other items.

I configured Simplify3d comms correctly (baud, flow, no wait on start)

I can connect to the printer and send commands (example M117 TEST, shows on LCD)
But when I try and print, S3D sends a command and waits for response.
I tried repetier host with same results.

It is like the printer has lost ability to talk back to PC.
I have not yet upgraded myself, but watched numerous vids on YT..

In the settings (on RH) there should be a connection tab. About 2/3 down the page, there is a setting for communication protocol. This should be set to "Arduino Due". I don't have the software myself, but I think it may be set to "DTD" and/or something..
After change, you should disconnect/connect the printer to RH again.

Hope this helps
for S3D be sure you selected Repetier for the GCODE flavor
Where would that setting be? I looked in firmware, communication.

not sure as I do not have S3D close to me now, but there is a droplist for fw style, repetier/marlin/sprinter or markerbot/sailfish, if I remember well, should be in firmware configuration part
Yeah, that was set.

Strange that it behaved same for RH also.

I reverted back to 2.0.J Will try again later.

I've been lurking here way to long.
Now I got my hands on a Davinci 1.0A. Flashed to repetier last night and now I have the same problem. My printer wouldn't print.
I can fiddle around withe the axes via manual control, yet I can't start a print.

Btw. I'm not sure if I remeber right. Do I have to reverese Z-axis? [strike]And how?[/strike] Found out how. Now i can push the print to the printer and it starts heating up.
Are other Axes I have to reverese??
I see in Simplify3D Y axis is inverted using XYZ firmware.

Could it be the Arduino driver?
if jog controls are working it is slicer issue
Invert axis is just for host UI

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