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Device Not Found!
Hello folks,
I have been successfully using my Da Vinci 1.0 since September with no serious problems. I have had good luck with the modified XYZWare setup that accepts gcode and firmware version 1.1.G
Starting last week, when I plug the printer into my laptop, all I get in XYZware is a "device not found" message. To troubleshoot this, I installed XYZware with the same modified .exe onto a different laptop and was able to print with that.
Today, I brought the printer home with me from work, thinking that I would be able to hook it to my desktop and print at home, but alas, I get the same "device not found" message on my desktop!

Any thoughts?
What OS on your laptop?

For Windows, check in the Device Manager under your COM/LPT. See if you have "XYZ-printer" there and that there are no yellow warning triangles.
I know that Window just suddenly finds out that it will "hijack" the COM-ports if it "thinks" that it has a better driver.
Make sure you set that Windows Update is N.O.T checking or "upgrading" drivers for external devices.

If you find the XYZ in Device Manager and it seemingly is working, try to uninstall it or "roll back driver". Then reinstall XYZ-Ware and hit "yes" on installing printer drivers.

Hope this helps.
Wow! It was as simple as hitting "roll back driver" !
I thought I had narrowed it down to being a Windows 8.1 thing (both my desktop and laptop are 8.1) by installing Windows 7 onto an extra hard drive in my desktop. With win7 on my desktop XYZware was able to see the printer.
So maybe a week ago Windows 8.1 decided to push new drivers for the printer?

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