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Cannot control temperature on original cartridge
This is probably posted in the wrong place. Moderators, please feel free to move.

I am just one hair away from upgrading to Repetier and Host, though I've been a little reluctant so far..

Anyway, since the OpenXYZ seems to work fine and I'm using Slic3r to properly render my prints, and the FW 1.1.E works without counting down filament, I have not yet upgraded or liberated my Davinci (yet).

But, I have just zapped my cartridge up to 400m, 250C, 110C in order to have a little flexibility in my temperature control. (Before it was zapped to 240m, 230C, 90C).
However, this did not work so well.

My extruder ramps up to 250C, and bed to 110C regardless of what I put in the gcode-file.
Is this common failure of the XYZ-cartridge-mockup, or is it something in the OpenXYZ that does not work well?

As a side question, when I upgrade to Repetier, I understand that I do not need any (zapped) cartridge in the printer, and I do get full an total control of the temperatures?
And one last question; I've checked numerous YT-vids and tuts on RepetierHost. Is it possible, and in case, how, do I send the print to the SD-card before printing?
(My PC tends to do some funny stuff every now and then, and I don't need to have a 13-hr print broken by my 4m USB-connection)
Bump, if anyone has an answer. I am no longer using anything from XYZ, so I really don't know the answer.

regarding repetier, you have complete control. No if ands or buts about it. I will never move back to XYZ software. :-)
there are many options for getting your file onto the SD card ranging from installing the card in a computer, using an extension cable, or using a wifi SD card. Alternatively you could look at octoprint, which I am running using a Raspberry Pi. in many ways octoprint is the way to go because you can then control the printer directly from any web browser.

I also use the openxyz and firmware 1.1.E. When you start a print, the extruder and bed always heat up to the temperature set in the cartridge first.
A better way to go is to set lower temps for the cartridge, say 200C and 60C for the bed, and set your printing temps in the gcode.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
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