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Slic3r G-Code and Wifi, getting the best of the printer
Hi Everyones.
First, thanks you all for sharing your experiences and tricks, to save time and troubles for newbie like me. Smile

Here's what i want to do;
Using filament other than the DaVinci cartriges.
Using slicer software like Slic3r or a better one.
Pushing G-Code files directly to the printer.

Here's what i have for now;
DaVinci printer with 1.1.i FirmWare out of the box.
Toshiba FlashAir 8Gb Class 10 (will receive shortly).
A copy of the originals files from the SD card on my computer.

And here's what i want to know;
I've heard that the offlineprinting.gcode file was not counting the cartridge;

"crabbycakes says; April 18, 2014 at 2:05 pm
If you change the offlineprinting.gcode to SAMPLE01.gcode and access it from the menu>utilities>Samples>Demo you can print the files all day long without it reducing the filament count on the eeprom chip. No soldering or wasting time resetting the chip. So essentially you can print what you want and not worry about the chipped cartridges. I’ve printed PLA, NYLON, NINJAFLEX, whatever. "

So if i'm saving a slic3r file to g-code, replacing the header by the one of the offlineprinting.gcode and renaming it to sample01.gcode, and than pushing it by wifi to the printer, could i be save of buying a filament resetter ? Is this the good way to do it ?

Thanks, Jean.

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