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Has anyone tried installing a different drive gear?
Seems like the MK8 gear could be used in the OEM extruder... any one tried?
I use it and love it. I cut off the old gear and then pressed the MK8 onto the shaft.
But you're using it via the bowden setup in your other thread, no? I'm talking about using it in the OEM direct drive setup.
You are correct, sorry I thought you were talking in general I guess. You may want to look at an mk7 since they are pretty close to the same diameter as the stock gear.
I didn't even look at the OD yet, but I see what you're saying. I'm going to order up a couple of both and see how it looks.
I attempted to switch to the bowden setup but the cheap mk8 gear I bought was barely too small to fit on the drive shaft (Press fitting wasn't working). In the process I ruined my stock drive gear while removing it so to print some parts while I waited on a better drive gear I switched back to stock setup using a mk7. It works okay but doesn't grip as well as I would like (diameter a bit off) and requires a large increase in the steps/mm to calibrate the extrusion. It took some tweaking but it's finally working well enough while I wait for a replacement gear to come in the mail.
Yeah I definitely recommend spending some extra cash for the better drive gear I think my MK8 was $8 or 9 shipped and it was a perfect press fit. Just curious what kind of setup are you running that you can just switch from a bowden back to a stock setup?
When I did the upgrade I made it a point to put connectors on all the wires and not destroy any of the stock plastic carriage. This allowed me to just swap out the gear on the extruder stepper and put the original carriage back in place. It takes maybe 30 minutes to switch back. While I have no intentions of swapping back and forth once the upgrade is complete I do plan on buying a reprap kit soon and will be removing the e3d to be used for it instead and would like to be able to get the davinci back into a working state to either use as a second printer or sell.

I just received some replacement stepper motors with stock gears on them today which is overkill to just replace the stock gear, but all 4 steppers with gears was cheaper on ebay than just the gear through XYZ support. This will allow me to build the entire setup outside of the printer and make sure it works before doing another swap.

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