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Help dialing in new filiament
Kinda at a loss here.

I am dialing in (mod: brand name removed) 1.75mm ABS

I have the Orange color dialed in perfect. Getting nice results on a 30mm cube with 50% infill using 225c extruder 75C bed temp 50mm/s max print speed .2 layer, extruding multiplier .93. Great bed adhesion with a 3 layer 5 width brim . Nice sharp corners, etc.

Going to translucent blue I am having problems. Still have great bed adhesion, but two corners start to warp (one worse than other) about 10 or so layers into print. This leaves peaks on top of print and a ridge along the edge connecting the two corners.

I have tried to raise the extruder temp upto 235 and down to 215 (lower extruder started clicking). I tired upping multiiplier upto 1.1

I tried placing the cube on different area of bed.

Any thoughts on this?[Image: blue_detail.jpg][Image: comparision.jpg]
for me it is temperature issue - not enough time to cool between layers
I would suggest to slow down the speed or to print several cubes at once to let each layer to cooldown a little

Let us know what you come up with.

Same prob. Used 5 rolls DAV ABS, had zero lifting.
(mod: brand removed ) Black ABS extreme lifting.
Diff temps (219noz/110bed), hairspray to ABS slurry, diff infills, 5mmW brim. .
160mmL x 60mmW x 11mmHt "H" object layed flat. 3hr time.
About 5mm up, or halfway time, it starts to curl.
Now using the PLA cooling fan on 5th print, and still curling. Vise grips ?
Black ABS will always warp more, has to do with the amount of carbon used to make it black.

I've had good luck with black abs using a skirt and ABS slurry. 3mm away, 2 loops, 2 layers. I start my extruder at 230C, bed at 90C. Run those temps for the first two layers with 0 fan. Layer 3 I drop extruder to 220C, bed to 80C, and kick the fan up to 100 for the rest of the print.

I'm also using this fan shroud with the OEM fan turned around (to pull air up and off the extruder, instead of blowing down into the extruder).

FWIW - I've also been doing my bed calibrations with a 0.04mm feeler gauge, using paper gave shitty results.
5th and final print warped, but f-it, when it was still hot, placed it under a steel block to flatten.

Found this about large prints - A TECHNIQUE TO AVOID WARPING ON LARGE 3D PRINTS

Ive been using aluminum tape w/ a continuity lightbulb and AA battery. Tape is 0.08mm thick.
When I used a feeler or paper, the bed would move slightly down, giving a false ht.

Do you have a print fan in addition to the extruder cooler fan?
When using a feeler or paper, it has to just BARELY grab... and you should be able to slide the feeler out and back in without the bed moving. But I like where your head is at with the Al tape.

I do have a secondary layer cooler mounted on the extruder, but I don't run it for ABS.

Just a friendly reminder to not discuss *competing* brands (by name) of filament other than oem and (in particular) Voltivo.

Of course, we can talk about the good or bad, and even the brand name, of NON competing filaments. Example, particular materials not offered by voltivo would be ok.

Reason: I do not want to promote or bash any competing filament brand unless Mr Oliver says otherwise.This forum is sponsered by voltivo, so we owe it to them to support them when possible. FYI: I have zero financial interest in XYZ or Voltivo, i am but a customer of both.

Luc seemed right.

I didn't think it would behave like that holding heat. I did a few things

1. Printed two
2. changed bedtemp. Starts at 90c then 65c at layer 5 onwards

Worked out great!
Just a quick note here.

I greatly appreciate Kieth's voluntary work here as Moderator to keep these forums SPAM free.
He donates hours on end of his time to support and help other users in trouble or with questions.

I do not really object to discuss other filaments on the site as long as this forum does not deteriorate to blatant advertising or SPAM which would affect all users on these boards.

The forum was created by a passionate 3D printing user - for passionate 3D printing users.

keep printing!


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