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Have read and re-read but looking to verify move to repetier
Just trying to calm nerves before flashing.
I have a New old stock 2.0 Duo with 2 fans (so old motherboard).

From everything I have read this seems 100% compatible with repetier .92 and should be an easy firmware flash. I just need to configure 2 lines of code for my Duo and fans.

I use Simplify3D as my slicer and should be able to configure a printer profile and keep printing without issue.

My two concerns are
1. Being able to revert back to stock firmware if something fails
2. Confirming that all I need to do is flash firmware and setup new profile in S3D. No other configuration other than printer and fans for firmware.

Is this all correct?

I have a duo SF and sometimes flash back to stock to verify some behaviour

I use repetier 0.92 with S3D

You just need to set DAVINCI 3 - you do not have to do any other change in FW - unless you are modding your printer you do not need to change fan configuration

So use .92 not .91 RC right?

I have not found a reliable 2.0J copy of firmware. Is there one posted?
0.92 is better
2.0J is somewhere on this forum
Where are you grabbing 0.92 from? on the github I see work092, is that the one you are using?
explain all

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