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Print Speeds-How fast ?
Curious as to what print speeds are run by others w/ the DaV 1.0 ?
many things effect print speed. For example, you might be able to print over 100mm/s at low layer heights and low infill because less plastic overall is going to be applied than printing at say 50mm/s solid infill with 0.4mm layers.

Having said that, i typically print at .2 or .3 using 50-70mm for abs. i use 50mm for pla. I do down to 20-30 with pctpe and nylon. Ninja, 20mm.

If i want a really clean part then i print even lower layer height and slow down more.

It really comes down to.... can your hot end maintain temperature and flow at the rate you wish to print at? I've posted some youtube stuff in the past showing fast print speeds, but obviously quality Suffers. Much of it is a trade off, so i ask:

What is your goal quality wise? .
Wow 50-70 mm/s... is that with a direct drive setup? my typical speed for both ABS and PLA is 30 mm/s, and down to 20 for small objects and better quality. I guess I should probably start exploring higher speeds then.
I'm using an Airtripper feeding an e3d with a 40 watt heater.

30mm down to as low as 10mm for really small, detailed prints.
I'm on the stock extruder and firmware.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

So a bowden setup then, right? perhaps you should make that a little clearer in your post then, cause such speeds might not be very suitable for direct drive setups...
I was doing the same speeds, just less materials, with the stock extruder using a 40 watt heater. Again, dig out the youtube vid - i showed the stock extruder running 300 percent faster than stock For extended periods. It CAN be done.

- stock extruder w/ FW 0.92

high as 40 so far. normally 20-30. ABS @ 219C.
1st layer- 20

OT- 01/14 Repetier FW 0.92.2 says filament change. What is that ?
M600 command of repetier is not yet in Davinci FW, it is a command to help user to change filament when printing
Kieth, are you happy with bowden and e3d setup? I tried to print ninjaflex today with my direct drive and e3d, with disastrous results. Any downsides that you've come across?
Nepenthy, Overall i am very happy. best investment into this machine yet.

The caveats :

1) you waste 2 feet or so every filament change. I suppose you could avoid this with a 1+ meter retract, but it takes a long time, and it's been my experience the filament doesn't work as good once is been crushed through the extruder gears.

2) loading the bowden tube takes a long time. Using the airtripper, you really need a spring and the quick release lever on thingiverse. I'm using a rubber tube as power a few guides, but it's a pain to release so i wait not so patiently for the gear to fill the tube. To remove the filament, i pop the tube from the hot end and cut it before it enters the extruder. Then feed a few mm to get it past the gear and pull the rest free. To load i just insert and feed until it's out of the tube, then reinsert the tube into the hot end. Hope this makes sense.

3) like all bowden setups, there will be ooozing. the trick is knowing how to manage it. I print a skirt around everything to catch the first, any remainder has been handled by fine tuning the retract.

4) speaking of retraction, bowden requires more retraction than direct drive. You have to be careful with some materials like pla as they can break if the retract is preformed over and over in the same point.

Regarding the e3d- absolutely only con is a few mm of z travel lost. No big deal at all imo, the benefits are SssoooOOOOoooo much worth it the z Lisa shouldn't be considered a factor. JMO...


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