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I do appreciate any help offered, and I'm sure other posters do.

The company has continually made it more and more difficult to get there help.

My suggestions to them would vastly improve their product , but it's failing (like the printer)

I am serious about legal action against XYZ Printing , and have ask the company for their legal department.

I surly do not want to upset anyone, but these problems are resolvable within the warranty with company support.

My machine goes dark, then reboots when sent a good STL file (no print)

This started after shutting off the computer. Knowing the machine has a mini SD(4GB) , I thought it transferred the file and the computer was not needed
to complete the print.

It now goes on and off when ever it wants! Completely unusable!

I am not a computer tech, but I'm sure it may need to be Blank Flashed(erased) and then re flashed with new firmware.
I have repeatedly ask the company for the software tools and firmware bin to do this, but they refuse to help.

I waited 15 years for a 3D Printer , and this has been a nightmare.
I am sorry if I have upset you or any posters!
Am having the same issue. After a firmware update my printer does what you have describe above. How ever! It does print samples stored in the micro sd. I've been thinking about getting one of those open-source driver boards and connect it to the XYZ hardware but don't know what the perfect one would be. If anyone can help me to find the perfect board I will appreciate it immensely.

Are you able to print the demo(s) from the sd card? If not, i would be suspicious of a heater failure where the cartridge is. Possibly a wire is touching the case. You can test for this by unplugging the heater and letting me know what happens.

Because you have mentioned the L word, you will likely not hear from them again. SOP for many companies is "if he is going to sue us, let him, and the courts can decide what we do." in other words, their silence is putting the ball back in your court. Keep in mind, good luck convincing them to come from China to attend court for your small claims issue. You will have better luck exchanging the printer at your place of purchase if you don't want to fix it yourself. There is a thread or two discussing the legal issues and possible class action, but i don't think those things apply to you.

**Try posting on there fb page and see if they will answer you.**

Both - many of these restarts are related to failing fuse resistors as a result of heater wires shorting. it's also possible the power supply is failing. There are other reasons, but much more rare.

Joel - what printer do you have, and what revision? I think/guess your problem is related to the computer or usb cable. I've not seen firmware or hardware issues that allow printing from sd without issue yet fail when printing from computer. Every time so far it has been computer related.

Hello Kieth, how are you! I have a 1.0 with firmware 1.0.1 . After the firmware and XYZware upgrade it became 1.0A and firmware 1.0.3 . I believe I have found what could be the cause but not sure. I downloaded the inside-cap file from the spare parts tread and it's working fine ( until the next problem pups up ) . I belive the problem has to do with bad STL file cause I downloaded stuff from thingyverst and many files don't print right. I also reinstall the XYZware ( the newest from the XYZ website ). All is good now... until the next problem pups up. Thanks for your reply Kieth and if you could please let me know of an awesome way to fix STL files. I almost dunked my printer in trash can. :unsure:
Google netfabb for fixing the stl files. You might also try a different slicer, i like kisslicer, some use slic3r, simplify3d, cura, etc. I don't know how they will play with the versions of software you are using.


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