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I trashed my Davinci
I am in the process of rebuilding a totally new printer from SOME parts in the Davinci 1.0 deal. Have purchased a Ardunio Mega 2560 and ramps 1.4 plus an LCD.

I must say i finally got the firmware installed,somewhat. the motors only move in 1 direction even with the op endstops reversed. I'm actuall stuck at this point.

Pronterface installed but I can only use it for the heated bed and extruder(which isn't actually working) I took that apart and NEED a pic of the thing as it was LOL.

Stay tuned for more info on this...maybe LOL
You MUST have the (mechanical 3 end stops) connected then pronterface works

if anyone has a picture of your current extruder housing minus the actual extruder side please post it here Thank You

Why do you call this trashing?

Did your DaVinci 1.0 work?
What mobo?
Why are you disassembling it
and re-building it?
Do you wish to sell the motherboard? I am currently paying 40 dollars with shipping to me (usa). Any condition, working or not, provided the board is not physically broken or missing pieces (ie, steppers drivers must be intact. ) use "report thread " and include your name /number /email for me to respond to you.

After many e-mails to support (they didn't want it returned) because we could not find the problems which were really too many to list. I decided to just get new parts and build a repRap or something similar. Mother board burned up so really not salvageable.
How about posting sone pictures of the motherboard and the damage? Cheapest route for you would be mega/ramps, there are threads here detailing it.


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