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Legal Action against XYZ Printing
I am new to this forum, and don't know how to post on topic! And only came here out of sheer necessity and desperation for help I can not get out of XYZ.
Only hoped everyone would realize voiding your warranty because XYZ Printing refuses to help the customers resolve the multitude of printing issues
that should have been solved before releasing the products.

The point is the Company must solve these problems. Not the customers! The first thing they will point out is that you have voided the warranty!

If legal action is taken, the Company will be forced to fix the problems (As it should be!)

My advice would be:

1. Accept that their Software is flawed , and let costumers have the choice of staying with XYZware or 3rd Party Software (Repetier,Etc.)
2. Allow users to easily flash the machine for XYZ firmware or 3rd Party firmware.
3. Allow costumers to refill cartridge (keeps filament clean) I would buy extra cartridges just for this reason alone.

I am not a computer tech, but this should be a better experience than resorting to forums and websites to resolve a company's issues.
Pursuing the company legally could make the company implement the needed changes. I feel the company and costumers would benefit in the end.
Verses all of the frustration and discontentment over these issues. It could turn things around , and have very happy costumers praising the Da Vinci Printers
and in turn boosting sales thru out the web. Do not insist that administrators take down any posts!

For these reasons I continue to seek legal actions against XYZ Printing. (For all costumers)
Stop with the entitled attitude. They don't have to do any of those things. This is their product and they can do what they see fit. We are the modding community. We void warranties. That is what we do and what we all expected when we bought a printer from XYZ. If you don't like what they have to offer, purchase a competitor's product.

I knew very well the issues and limitations of the Davinci 1.0 but I intended on voiding my warranty the second it was out of the box in order to achieve my goals. If I wanted a more reliable product that allowed for third party software, universal abs/pla spools, etc. I would have bought another printer. I'm sure many people on this forum thought the same.
All of that and no mention of your difficulty?

Man, unless you didnt do your research before purchase, I cant understand what youd be upset about. I had no illusion that a $400 3d printer wouldnt need modified severely, in fact, that was part of the draw. I didnt want to have it work perfectly out of the box, I wanted to learn by tweaking the thing.

I disagree with the callback to XYZ to verify cartridge serial number, but other than that....

Ink printer manufacturers have been doing this for a decade, and now even coffee makers have checks to ensure you are using approved supplies. If you are using the printer as the manufacturer suggests, you should have no issues. If you want to modify it to allow something for which it wasnt intended or advertised, thats squarely on you.
All - I've thought about this more, and I'm locking this thread.

Here is why : this topic is "r"s second post. It isn't much more than a rant, just like the first that I erased. The fact is this post serves no purpose. The information, and I use that term loosely, is mentioned in numerous posts on this board. In addition, R still doesn't state what trouble he has that we could possibly help with. This forum exists precisely for the issue R gripes about, being able to do #1, #2, and #3 - which we obviously now do at will - as well as for users to help solve users issues that xyz simply can not or will not.

R --- I'm going to say again, we are happy to try to help you, but you are going to need to start a thread detailing you actual problem that you want help with.


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