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PLA Cartridges not supported?
running 2.0J and using a cartridge that I reflahed using WCTEK's XYZpro. Loading the filament is no problem, but I got this error when tried a print. anyone else run into this problem? or figure out how to resolve it?

Just taking a guess here, since I've never used one of those resetters, but maybe it changed the serial number of the cartridge and managed to match one of an existing PLA cartridge?
i don't think so, I've blocked XYZware from inbound and outbound contact
Have you changed it to reflect that its an ABS cartridge, but with PLA temps? I didnt realize there were PLA carts out in the wild yet. Ignore this if you didnt change ABS to PLA with the reset code.
I tried to change the cart from ABS to PLA. If i use the ABS setting with PLA temps (190C) it works "fine". it will allow me to print it but the PLA swells and jams everytime...

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