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Tops of prints
Hi folks,
Could someone tell me why the tops of my prints look like they do in the picture? Overall I'm pretty happy with the print quality I'm getting, but I don't end up with a very nice finish and I'd like to fix that.

I'm using Cura as my slicer with the following settings:
Layer height: 0.1 or 0.2 mm
Shell thickness: 0.8 mm
Bottom/Top thickness: 0.6 mm
Fill Density: 20%
Print speed: 25 mm/s
Printing temperature: 215 C
Bed temperature: 95 C
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Flow: 100 %

Advanced Settings:
Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
Retraction Speed: 40 mm/s Distance: 4.5mm
Quality - Initial layer thickness 0.3mm Initial layer line width 200%
Speed - Travel speed 60 mm/s Bottom layer speed 20 mm/s Infill speed 0 mm/s outer shell speed 20 mm/s Inner shell speed 25 mm/s
Minimal layer time: 15 sec

I think I get pretty good adhesion to the platform at these temperatures and speeds, and I don't really get any stranding or anything like that. Do you think my extrusion temperature or platform temperature are too high?

Again, my main concern here is the ugly patterning on the top layer of my prints. It's not smooth at all, and sometimes there are holes, as seen in the picture. Thanks for your help![Image: IMG_20150207_105229235.jpg]
I am not sure how to set it up in Cura but you need to have at least 3 bottom layers and 3 top layers at a 100% fill in order for it to smooth out. I use Simpify 3d.
That's pillowing (google 3d printing troubleshooting)... pillowing usually results from temps being too high. Make sure your cooling fan is at full speed for your last few layers, and maybe turn down your extruder by 5 degrees after the first 2-3 layers.
For reference
Thanks Robert. I will try this on my next print.
That's a cool guide, thanks for sharing!
How cool is that!? Turns out it has to do with how Cura does its infill pattern depending on the % infill. I had already noticed that I only get pillowing when using 20% infill and it would go away at 30%. These machines are so interesting...

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