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pause SD print and wait via gcode
Is there a way to insert a sd card pause print via gcode? I know I can insert a M0 and simplify will pause and pop a dialog box letting me know its paused, if I'm printing via USB. I thought pause SD print was G25 but putting this in gcode seemingly did nothing. I'd like to insert a SD pause on a certain layer and maybe a chime , so I can swap filament color on my 1.0 running .92, while printing off SD.
I am out for a week and far far away from my printer so I cannot verify the behaviour
but looking at the code it is [size=CMS2CMS_EXTRA_LARGE]M[/size]25 for pause not G25
can you confirm ?
Im not near the gcode I was trying but yes, looks like i fat fingered it.
I got the G25 command off the reprap wiki and looking at it again, its m25, not g25.
M25: Pause SD print
Im not even going to say how much research I did before posting this, to make sure I wasnt asking something stupid. Sad
for correct Gcode i try to maintain the list in repetier.ino, have a look

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