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Problem with dispalying XYZware on different pc's
Can anyone tell me what I need to do to sort out the following.

My Acer aspire is dual core 1.46ghz with 2gb ram it seems to load in stl files but they are no displayed.
displays .3w files no problem

My desktop PC is a P4 2.8ghz 2GB ram it can take 10mins to open up a 7mb stl file but does display them ok
I have the display issue with an older netbook, it's a graphics card issue with OpenGL. Your card needs to support OpenGL 2.1.
However, it will still slice and print fine, you just won't see the stl on the screen.
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I dont think it needs openGL 2.1 as I have discovered from a program called Aida64 extreme which is an PC engineers program for looking at eveything to do with a PC, that my Desktop PC only supports 1.3 and it displays the stl files fine.
I am going to run Aida64 on my laptop to see its full specs.
So you can see STL's in xyzware on your PC with OpenGL 1.3 ?
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

what I am doing at the moment is viewing the files on my desktop PC in xyzware, slicing them, then I put the 3w file on a usb pen to transfer to my laptop which will display the 3w files no problem and send to printer
So you can see the gcode preview but not the STL models on your laptop ?
Like I said before, you should still be able to slice the STL with your laptop even though you can't see it.
I slice my files with a faster laptop then send the gcode to the netbook wirelessly then send to the printer.
But my netbook can slice the STL's if I need it to, even though it can't display them properly although I discovered it does show briefly if I rotate or move the model.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

Yes I think I could still slice as you say as the object seems to have loaded as all the buttons are on the left, move, rotate etc I will give it a go.
I just would like to know what is wrong and can it be sorted. same with my PC if the stl file is over 5mb it could take 10 mins to load. I do think that its problem is graphics memory, going to look to see if I can add a plugin card as the other is on board.
When I start xyzware on my netbook I get a message saying OpenGL 2.1 one is required but my graphics card is only compatible up to 1.3 so it's definitely a graphics/OpenGL issue, on mine anyway.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

As an update I tried slicing the stl files on my laptop despite them not been shown and it dosnt work.
Using aida64 I found out My laptop is running opengl2.0 and it says that opengl2.1 is 30% compatible

But I dont think opengl is the issue as my old P4 desktop running XP is only showing opengl 1.3, 2.1 might make it work but there must be somthing else that is stopping the files being displayed.
How do I know if I bought a new graphics card it would work?

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