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Filament EEPROM settings???
I recently bought a new DaVinci 1.0 with the new board (the one you have to jump J37) and put Repetior mod .92 on it. And I LOVE this thing. There's a few problems I'm having though. I stupidly took the bed out of factory calibration instead of just setting the bed to -3.00. Any way I can get it back to factory? It's been a bugger. And here's the other thing. I'm not opposed to using the proprietary cartridges, but honestly, I can get more for less elsewhere. I'm using this printer for manufacturing of E-Cig mechanical mods, and the colors are what I'm known for. So here's the problem. It's 1.75mm ABS 1KG spool. It feeds when I load into the extruded. It feeds when I start the print, but when I ramp up the speed, it just stops feeding. I've maybe gotten one or two consistant prints using the factory cartridge, but not one so far using the new filament. Is there just a setting i need to change?? Or is there something more complex. Thanks!!! And also, since i haven't gotten the bed quite right, it always rubs when the layers are forming. Any help counts!! Thanks!! And I'm also using Repetier Host.
Hello, i do not want to hijack your thread but do you remember which version of (original) firmware was installed on your davinci before you put repetier in it?


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