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Repetier w/ Davinci 12v Fan Control
Is there a way to connect a 12v .065A fan to the DaVinci, having Repetier control it ?

Right now I use a manual rheostat controlling a 50mm blower fan mounted on the front of the Y stepper.
Would like something else to remember to turn it on and off , besides me.
You may only control a 5v fan with Repetier, since you need to plug-in the fan using the connector of the stock extruder cooling fan.

More info here:
Do people forget that relays exist? Smile

You could use a relay, triggered by the 5V source, to turn on a 12V fan.
I'm not an electronics expert, but can you do PWM on the fan with that relay? because it's more than an ON/OFF thing...
Forgot about the PWM aspect, as I'm running my add'l fan full speed at 12V.

A mechanical relay won't switch fast enough for PWM, but a solid state relay (transistor) will.
In the end, if you want a layer cooling fan controlled by Repetier, I think it's just worth getting a 5v fan instead. The airflow will be more influenced by the design of the fan shroud used than by the voltage, I think. I'm running a 50mm 5v fan with a decent shroud and it blows a lot.
Thanks for the link, couldnt find it at the time.

Seems the power source for the extruder cooling fan hasnt quite been worked out w/ a reasonable timer.
It seems to go on/off either w/ delay seconds or temperature.

I did away w/ the bulky computer fan and shroud. A blower fan is small and compact. 15mm deep. Mounts right against the X stepper w/ velcro.
However, needs to be tuned down. I use a rheostat.
A 40mm turbo blower fan is 20mm deep.

heres a cross section of duct i use. about 20mm wide, walls only 1mm thick. Printed w/ PLA.

[Image: 50mmDuctblowerfanshell03.jpg]
Interesting solution... can you post some real pics of it installed?
Heres a spec sheet of the fan- [img]
Yes, if you use the extruder's fan wiring then you'll be able to control the fan speed programmatically via host or gcode.
with a solid state relay i think it might be possible? I've seen it work with my leds (measured with the current limiter driving them) so should work. I'm wanting to do this and use a 12v fan because i have a ton. kind of a waste of a relay though...we'll see, Ill report back
I think there's an echo in here. Try a smaller switching transistor... no need for a power rated solid state relay.

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