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NeuStruder - Bowden Flexibles Exturder
Hey guys you are going to be my guinea pigs for this new extruder design. I was tired of the Airtripper and the results I was getting with it so it was time for a change. Airtirippers design allows for far too much flex and doesn't constrain the filament between the extruder wheel and before it enters the bowden tube. The NeuStruder eliminates both these issues. The NeuStuder is a solid block so there is no way for the bowden port to flex away from the wheel. This added tightness has great affects on print quality. To compound this effect, when using the e3d plastic Bowden fitting, the PTFE tubing can be fed into a slot in extruder block eliminating any of the play in the fitting that occurs during extruder reactions.

The feature that makes the NeuStruder so suited for flexible filaments though is that the filament is constrained straight from the drive gear all the way to the hotend. There is literally no where for the filament to go to thus eliminating buckling. The gap from the MK8 Drive gear to the filament guide is less than 1mm which I have personally never seen before. Because of this I am able to achieve much higher print speeds with flexibles compared to other bowden exturders. Any way enough garbage lets let the pictures and more importantly you the users speak for it!

[Image: Cutaway%2BFar.JPG]
[Image: IMG_20150121_164240551.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1198.JPG]
[Image: IMG_1199.JPG]

A macro image showing that you can see the extruder motor microsteps! Big Grin
[Image: IMG_1180.JPG]

All files are posted bellow and if any assistance is needed for assembly or any suggestions can be posted in this thread as I will get notifications.

Parts list:
1x MK8 Gear
1x 608zz Bearing (skate bearing)
8x 30mm M3 Machine Screws
8x M3 nuts
Just added the 2.0 files just slight tweaks and a bump to a major rev.
Printing this out now. Very excited to try it out.
haha sweet! Let me know how it goes! I am using it right now to print a ninjaflex vibration reducer. I am running it at 20mm/s and so far so good lol I am hoping with further tweaks I can print at the recommended 30mm/s (for direct drive and ninja flex) Big Grin
Got the vibration reducer that I printed off the Dav 1 just now and.... It worked awesome! lol Pics!! I am running one at 25mm/s a second right now and I will post up the results of this one as well!

Awesome. I will have to give this a try. I have everything needed laying around. I was going to tweak my extruded for a flexible filament capability...,but if this is wipe king would prefer not to dink around with mine too much.
Hi alex,

thanks for this! I'm printing two of these (reversed), we'll see how it goes.

If I understand correctly, with the reversed version you don't need to reverse the direction of the stepper motor, right?

Also, looking forward to the vibration reducer upload.

That is correct that way there is no need to rewire the stepper. (the main version you have to because I had to do it for the air tripper). The vibration spacer will be here soon. I will probably make a kit for people who cant print flexible stuff.
HI Alex,

I am also very appreciative of you sharing your design. This seems to incorporate the best of both worlds - bowden + ability to print flexible materials. Nice!

I have a Duo that I've been waiting to modify. The idea was to use an E3D and the stock extruder. I am considering to modify your design to accept two extruders. Do you see any reason why I couldnt modify the carriage to fit the stock extruder, and run that using another bowden setup as well?

Thanks again
While I am waiting on an mk8 drive gear in the mail I did start putting together the extruder with everything else I have. I noticed that the 30mm screws were not long enough to mount the top cap on. I am currently using some 40mm (35mm would be better) but may switch over to 50mm and put a spring on them to allow the cap to give a little if needed. Not sure if that would be helpful but with a hardware store around the corner from me I figured it was worth a try.
Interesting.. I haven't had an issue with mine, I have 2-3 mm of runout actually. I did snug up the nuts without the idler holder in place first which may have drawn the nuts into the plastic? IdK I'll adjust the model though. Thanks for the catch!
Well, after coming home from work and looking at the stl files I've noticed your design is for the bowden extruder. The hotend carriage is from another, so my question is misplaced.

I decided BTW to just order another E3D and create a dual carriage. Will keep things simpler, and be able to print more with both sides.
Excuse my naive question but, which stepper is that in the pic exactly?
I think it's the y axis motor (the one on the right back side of the machine), which controls front/back movements.
All of our steppers are the same, nema 17's, that is just a general Nema 17 model I got from grab cad.

I thought you meant in the renders my bad! yes that is the Y axis stepper as johnny said.
Thank you both Smile

So this vibration reducer, besides lowering the noise, does it have any impact on printing quality you think? I'm considering whether I should print and install one... (I have a direct drive E3D extruder).
It does, but it's effects are going to mostly be indirect eg. reduced vibration is going to lead to less wear which leads to better prints. My real motivation for doing it is because I have the printer in my bedroom with me and trying to sleep with it rattling all night was rough... When the girlfriend was over I couldn't ever run it as well because the vibrations gave her a headache.

depending on your direct drive setup you will probably see a larger improvement by going to a more rigid carriage or a bowden setup.
Keep in mind also these need to be printed out of ninjaflex as anything that is harder there will be negligible vibration reduction effects.
Yep, but I believe some people have been already successful in printing ninjaflex with the E3D... it'll be fun to try. Gotta buy some.
With this extruder setup right you can print ninjaflex well at ~20mm/s, after I tune the slicer some more I will post my config files for the ninjaflex fun fun!

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