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pcb lights ?
Hello i'm knew to this forum.

trying to help on my printer. i think i've done just about everything.
heres the jist. i've been printing with my my davinci 1.0 for almost year with little to no problems.
last week or so i went to print something out and it just turned off in the middle of the print . i turned it back on and and it gave me the error 0030 for the x axis motor.
i checked the sensors and the connections all secure even did a sensor swap to see if it was a faulty sensor all came up x axis . I even tried flashing and installing repetier firmware in hopes that might solve the problem .. nothing. i find it hard to believe that it might be the motor. I noticed something on my pcb , there were two lights instead of three. i don't know my way abound a pcb. i'm not tech savy. but, i'll try to get my hands dirty if i can understand it.
are these lights indicators for the motors? is it fried? do need to get a new motor of pcb? do i need to replace and solder a new part on my pcb ?

heres and image of my board

i appreciate the help thank you[Image: IMG_7229.jpg]
1) You likely have a bed or hot end heater failure. Check the wires, make 10000% sure nothing is shorting, particulary on the extruder as the wires have a tendancy to break from the heater and short to the case.

2) One you fix the heater and/or wiring isuue, replace the burned 000 resistor that is very close to the led that is not working. DO NOT replace it first. When this resistor burns it can cause a glitch which destroys the MCU. See my thread UH OH BLACK BARS for info on what happens if the MCU glitches.

BTW, If you are not capable of soldering the resistor then I would check your local area for Ham (amature) radio operators - many of those guys can solder or will know someone who can.

Keep us posted.


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