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Reseting a currupted EEprom profile on the XYZEROCart
I purchased an XYZeroCart recently and when applying some new settings, the EEprom profile was corrupted to the point where I could no longer connect using the XYZeroCart GUI software.

When trying to connect, the software will automatically try to read the EEprom and fail (if currupted), and thus disconnect you.

I did some troubleshooting and found that the fastest way to fix this it to connect using the CoolTerm application found on the WCTEK downloads page. There is no documentation on how to use this software other then what Baud rate you need to connect with (9600 baud).

Once connected, you are basically on your own. I found that CoolTerm accepts single key commands.
[td]Displays Current EEprom settings[/td]
[td]Displays Menu of commands[/td]

I will add to the above table when I have more information. But the V command will tell you which key will let you set the profile information.

I personally just reset the EEprom with a new generated profile and connected again with the GUI however you can set temps and filament length in CoolTerm as well.

When doing so, you will need to send a string (One of the menus has a "send string" command) instead of trying to type out the number in the terminal as the terminal will just send the one character when you type it out.

I hope this helps anyone who has run into this issue as there doesn't seem to be another way to reset the XYZeroCart when the EEprom profile is corrupted.
Thank you for posting this Jason.

The procedure you describe is absolutely correct. Whenever you're faced with a corrupted EEprom, just choose option 9 (restore eeprom) and it will flash a brand new eeprom to the cartridge.

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