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Davinci, e3d, simplify3d user experiences and observations.
Im starting this thread in hopes that users that have switched over to e3d and/or simplify3d, can share their experiences. Since I pretty much switched over to simplify hours after installing my e3d, its hard to tell which is directly tied to the gains. Here is what Ive noticed so far.

1).1 layer height is now a possibility and comes out awesome. With the stock extruder, attempting .1 layer height resulted in a pile of melted nonsense.
2). One FFF process for PLA used for multiple filament manufacturers. In Slic3r, I had probably a dozen profiles for different brands of filament. In simplify3d, im pretty much using the defaults for all filament brands and things are turning out great.
3). Supports and rafts are now very easy to remove. With the stock setup and slic3r, I pretty much avoided supports and rafts because they required so much cleanup time. In simplify3d supports and rafts pretty much fall off.
4). This one I cant quite explain but filament that used to bubble and leave behind alot of artifacts, is now printing very clean and uniform.
5). Multiple simplify3d processes is freakin awesome. Being able to do a .3 layer height for the initial layer, and then printing the object at .1 layer height for the remaining layers is a lifesaver. No more constant tweaking to get the first layer perfect. Edit: to clarify I still need a good first layer, but it can be a higher layer height than the rest of the model, which is easier to execute (thick first layer).

Please post your experiences and observations in relation to e3d, simplify3d, or both.
I haven't moved over to the e3d world yet, but I did buy Simplify3d the first week of owning my 1.0

The program just plain works well. I have not seen an issue printing at .1 with stock firmware and hardware using simplify.

I am hoping to try and use PLA in the future. Just trying to read up on what that will take.
I've just purchased Simplify3D (though I don't use e3d), and the prints have been better (smoother) compared to the stock XYZware.

The problems I'm still experiencing with Simplify3D (v 2.2.1):

1) I've got firmware 1.0.1 and sending stuff to print over USB often fails, resulting in printer reboot. I've got to try the same thing out with updated 1.0.3 firmware, maybe it'll solve the problem (or the newly released Simplify3D 2.2.2 will fix it, couldn't yet try it).

2) Raft in Simplify3D ruined a print. I only tried it once (at .1 mm layer height), and it totally deformed the model. It also fused with the model, and when I tried to remove it, bits of raft were left stuck to the model. Got to sand it off...

But I also love Simplify3D's controls and different settings for different heights / models (so called "proccesses"). I literally tweaked the print preparation for 2 hours the other day, trying to get (theoretically) the best print (different proccesses for the samo model, manual supports, etc...), and it worked beautifully.

I also tried the corkscrew (vase) mode and the prints turned out great (albeit fragile) Big Grin I love it.

Plus the ability to print over USB, therefore totally ditching the stock XYZware in favor of Simplify3D. I love not being bugged by the host software to upgrade the printer firmware...
If you set it so that it doesn't lay down the first thick layer for the raft, it turns out much better. I think that first thick layer expands a bit and throws off the height of the remaining layers.

Defining your own supports and placement is awesome.
I started using S3d back in December and love it. I like being able to set the temps at different layers. I set bed temp down to 60 with 3 layers to go, speeds up the cooling down process.
Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out!
Finally decided to read the documentation. Wink Look at the separation setting under the raft section. I changed mine to 0.30 and my object comes off while the raft is still stuck to the bed.
What other settings are you using for raft? Infill, solid layers, etc.?

I am having better results but I think I am overdoing the density of my raft and wasting plastic.

Quote:Finally decided to read the documentation. Wink Look at the separation setting under the raft section. I changed mine to 0.30 and my object comes off while the raft is still stuck to the bed.
I've been using Simplify 3D since day 1 (about 1 week ago). Have never use XYZware.
Very happy with the results, so far quality seems OK.
I've had some warping but that was due to my lack of knowledge about 3d printing and ABS. I've set 1st layer height @ 90% and width @ 105% and now my model does stick hard to the surface. Using painters tape and the glue stick.

I'm a noob to 3D printing though.

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