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Multiple Da Vinci 1.0 Issues
Hi all,
New to 3D printing and had my Da Vinci 3 or 4 months.

It actually printed great out of the box but now I am running into multiple issues. Currently waiting on a reply from XYZ but maybe someone can help?

Problem 1: Not returning to correct home axis after cancelling or finishing a print.

It returns to the middle.

Problem 2: Intermittent error codes of both 0030 and 0031. Its appears that if I fiddle with a connector on the right side of the extruder (facing it) it clears the code and maybe it is shaking loose while printing?

Problem 3: When calibrating the bed, sometimes the nozzle positions itself so that the metal plates on the corner make contact with the nozzle that the plastic extrudes from and not the pin.

Problem 4: Crappy prints and ripping them off the bed.

Thanks all.
Had a look on the XYZ Printing website and found what the error codes relate to, but i'm not sure if its incorrect, because they are not the sensors I fiddle with to clear the error.

I will look later as doing (or trying!) to calibrate the bed at the moment but the pictures are very small and it just says 'check position' of the sensor. Well if you're new to printing etc, it doesn't help much.

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