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Need to flash back to 1.0.3
Having issue with the printer and need to send back. First thing I did when getting this printer was flash repetier .92. It had 1.0.3 on it when I received it, any way to flash back or am I stuck?
Brent shared the 1.0.3 here already :
just flash it, working or not is not an issue as you send printer back
I was never able to flash the printer back to 1.0.3 using any of the available methods. Holding the UP/DOWN button and turning the printer on to get into the boot loader mode didn't work on my printer either.
I can confirm the above. I did try to reflash when I was loading repetier using the bossac command. No luck.

Currently there's no way unfortunately to flash back 1.0A. I think DaVinci added a unique code to the flash or something and their upgrade overwrites everything but this code.

At least that's what's suspected.

A warning should probably be posted in the Sticky section about this.

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