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How to downgrade AIO to stock firmware?
Hello, my name is Brollic. I have upgraded the AIO firmware to 1.3. I now know that I should not have. Is there any way to downgrade this back to stock? I want to be able to use a cartridge resetter in order to use any filament.
Hi there!
I'm interested too into this information. I'm wondering if the firmware file is the same for all printers (Duo, 1.0, 1.0 AiO) or there is a specific one for each printer. All that i found are the infos here on the first zip file for downgrading. Is this a still usable procedure for AiO Printer?
Thank you (and sorry if my English is bad, but i'm Italian)!
Unless it's on the repository on this forums, you can't. Also since the AIO it's new and uses the new board, you can't just downgrade to the 'golden' firmwares of 1.0 with old board.

I used aio and now duo 2.0A both with new board/firmwares. I can reset the cartridge just fine. Just remember to firewall the hell out of xyz software.

Also, if that don't work because you didn't did it on the past, you could change the serial number of the cartridge to fool the machine/software into thinking you did insert a different one. It's very easy and you just need to edit the hex data, google a bit, read some here and there, and all fixed.
So i now have firmware 1.1.4. So as long as I block XYZ from using my internet, I should be fine using the resetter?
i think don't block the xyzware
If you do not block the application it will check the serial numbers and may blacklist them making the resetter useless
also it is well mentionned in their FAQ:
"Regardless of what firmware you use, you need to block xyz.exe (the XYZWare app) with the windows firewall"

You do not need to block only if you do not use resetter
I've searched the net, but I haven't been able to find this.
"How can I change the chip on the cartridge serial number to a different number"?
Is there a recommended program that I should use?
in look for IncrementSerial
So if i upgrade the firmware the machine will know if I changed the chips serial number? How can it tell that I changed the serial number? Especially if my machine is offline (internet blocked and unplugged)
I'm using the 1.1.3 with XYZ Pro with good results. I already reseted the original cart twice, one to use the rest of filament and other to print with PLA.
So all you did was block the xyz software from the internet using your firewall?
how is the 1.1.4 firmware working on your aio da vinci printer?? question? what did you do with sd card?
So what is the best firmware to use with my AIO printer? ans still use the restter and not mess with my scanner??

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