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Simplyify3d and Repetier .92 - what caused this...?
Have an odd issue. This is on my 1.0a running simplify and repetier .92. Printed direct usb at 4mm with a .048 (auto in the settings) extrusion width. In the picture below, you can see that one layer printed out further (both on the inside and outside) of the koozie. This does not show up in the preview of the slice. What could have caused this?

[Image: 20150125_204549.jpg]

[Image: 20150125_204604.jpg]
whenever i have problems with my extruder, it gives me stringy lines.

You may want to possibly look at your extruder and see if it possibly got kinked in the filament somewhere.
Looks like it might of extruded too much filament on that layer. No experience with Simplyify or Repetier.
Check the g-code for that layer and compare with the layer above or below. The E codes should have the same numbers as the layers are almost identical.
I think slice previews only show the extruder path, not how much filament is extruded.
I had an issue recently where all of my prints had a similar anomaly, all at the same vertical height. What I eventually found was that the cable wrap that encases the bed wiring was catching on the dump bin, causing an unstable layer to print at that point. I added an extra zip tie to secure the cable bundle and the problem was resolved.
It's cause you are a colts fan lol Go Pack Go!!! JK looks like typical z banding, but it is not prevalent on other layers so you must have just had a piece of junk that dislodge on your z screw for that layer.
As an update, I stopped printing at 4mm (only 3 and 2 for me for now) and I have not seen it happen since.

And for the record: Tongue


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