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X end stop triggering early
After about 300 hours of printing I have noticed that the X end stop will trigger early preventing the extruder from moving back towards home sometimes. This causes some insane offsets and will eventually start grinding to the far left since it can't move right. I have narrowed it down to the connection on the sensor which possibly has a short or bad connection. Using the host software to move the X position while moving the wires reproduces the issue. I have opened a support ticket with XYZ but wanted to know if anybody has seen these issues and what they did to fix it.
Thats one of the few wires that doesnt seem to break, at least not often. I would make sure the sensor is "clicked" in place where it should be. Otherwise, let us know what XYZ says, if they get back to you. (Hint, if the dont, post on their FB page.)

I got a response fairly quickly from them, but they wanted a video of the issue happening and a video of it's normal operation. Seemed a bit odd to ask for a video I would have needed to know about in the past. Since I'm over 90 days and have a 1.0A flashed with repetier I figured I would just handle it myself. I ended up finding a short in one of the end stop wires near the connection and have since replaced all of the wires and will be printing the cable chain once I finish the e3d upgrade.
This was just 1 problem I had and i fixed it by gluing the stop in place better than it was and this worked......till I trashed the whole thing

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