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Slicr3 Setting for the Duo
Hey does anyone have Slicr3 working with both the extruders on the duo? If so could you post up your Slicr3 config file or tell us your settings?

Im in the process of figuring this out. Ive got my Duo on REP FW. I can get the left extruder to work great, im still figuring how to enable the second "right" extruder and print with it, Ive gotten to the point where the head moves and the feeding gear moves, it just doesnt heat up the extruder.
Slic3r do not handle properly second extruder in repetier, you need to manually add the code T1 or T0 to select which extruder you select and also when heating like M104 T1 S225 / M109 T1 S225 , this I think can be done by macro in start code / end code like in cura:
Just checking if anyone has repetier host settings for the repetier firmware 0.92 on da vinci 2.0. I just upgraded my firmware and would like some starting points on the calibrations, such as the offsets for the second extruder and updated tips on using both extruders.

Thanks a million!
I know if i like in the extruder info on my duo there was an off set measurement. I'll find out tomorrow when I'm at work and post what mine reads.
Look not like
Dear Forum Members,
Have someone tested some settings for slicer and the Duo? I am trying to find what settings work the best. I am getting incredible large times of printing parts that are not big. I just want to know what works to have a decent print in a nice time.
did anyone ever figure this out
Nope. I have received some indications that the other software (forgot the name, but you have to pay for that one) has better results. But I have not pull the trigger on buying it.
Do you have the same problems?
no im looking to flash to repetier to start the process but tryiing to get all my info in line first
Yeah, it definitely works, is just a matter of adjusting the settings to have all running well.
If I were you, I would pay attention at what settings come on the stock software. Like how many perimeters, design of infil, layer thickness, etc... I just didnt record those. I honestly dont have much time to try..
Also, read the older posts on this forum and make sure that you have some spare connectors and wire just in case your printer starts to skip layers. Better to have it handythan to wait for it to come.
Please feel free to ask me about this as I fixed mine. Accelerations are a little faster with repetier fw and it causes the cheap cables to break, so a more hefty cable needs to be replaced instead.
I've been printing using these settings with Slic3r and RH for about two weeks now. The only problem is right at the beginning of the print the extruder crashes into the bed, not in a major way. The small png toward the end are some EEProm settings I changed to try to do a better job centering the bed. You can print with both extruders using these settings, you just have to remember to manually turn on the second extruder when the first extruder begins to heat (in manual control tab of RH).

This forum only allows 8 photos per post, so I'll have to do this in three posts. [Image: 3.PNG][Image: 1.PNG][Image: 4.PNG][Image: 2.PNG][Image: 5.PNG][Image: 6.PNG][Image: 7.PNG][Image: 8.PNG]
Here are the second batch of settings. [Image: 13.PNG][Image: 10.PNG][Image: 9.PNG][Image: 11.PNG][Image: 12.PNG][Image: 14.PNG][Image: 15.PNG][Image: 16.PNG]
Here is the last set of pics.[Image: 17.PNG][Image: 18.PNG][Image: 20.PNG][Image: 19.PNG][Image: 21.PNG]

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