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Dda VInci 1.0 Rapid Movements are loud.
Hello everyone. I recently got a da Vinci 1.0 as a present. I have been noticing that rapid movements have a loud sound. I cant tell where its coming from. Sometimes it happens when the print heads moves fast in the x direction, and sometimes in the Y direction. It might be the rods needs lubing? I have used the printer quite a lot since I have gotten it.

Has anyone else had this happen with their machine? While the sound is annoying, i am worried that its just a symptom of another issue.
a little lubrication always helps - - - - I have found that small fast moves like an infill can make noise - - the head is changing directions fast and often. It shapes the machine. - - - - it can sound like rapid fire machine gun. It can shake things off of the top of the printer.

Jim P

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