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Heater Decoupled
Hi all, i was printing and everything was going ok when i left. WHen I come back hte printer is smoking and it says that the heater has been decoupled. I pushed the red wires going into the extruder back in and the problem went away. I start a print and the problem comes back Is there a way to make it so the heater permanently stays coupled. Any suggestions?
Check your wires - connector to sensor may be loose or your wire has issue
does the heater have a set screw to hold the heater in?
yes i undid the set screw and removed the heater, then put it all back together. I turned the printer on and everything was working, I started a print and about 30 minutes into the print the error came back saying that the heater was decoupled. What now?
If it's the same problem that plagues most of the Da Vinci 1.0 (and maybe others) it's the black connector for the 2 white hot end heater wires. For whatever reason they used a really crappy connector there and it intermittently becomes disconnected. A permanent fix is to cut that connector off and either solder and heat-shrink the wires together or changed out the connector. A temporary or semi-permanent repair (which is what I did until I get new connectors) is to remove the wires from the female end of the connector and use something small and pointy to spread the contacts back apart inside. Then reconnect and use electric tape to tape up the entire thing really well so it doesn't move and wiggle around. Haven't had any problems since doing this to mine.
This connector?[Image: 14222271572961914257066.jpg]
That's the connector yes, but interestingly it is different than the one that came with my 1.0. Perhaps XYZ has finally upgraded it.
My printer has also been heating just when I turn the printer on, would a poor connection do that too?
And evidently they didn't do a good job fixing it haha
Thanks for the help
No, I don't think a defective connection would do that... that sounds worse, but I don't know.

If you suspect that your connector is toast you can easily do what I did, replace it with something cheap and readily available B) [img]
On my printer the connector who trend to unplug/loose, and generated decoupled error is the sensor connector (2 black wires) close to the fan connector on small board

could the heater cartridge be bad? those are cheap and easy to replace, the fan keeps going in and out, maybe it is just that the fan isn't cooling properly, causing the head to overheat. Is their a way to make sure that this never comes undone again? or will this be a repeating problem? thanks to everyone that has helped.
Fan is on when heating or if temperature is over 50 degres -when no heating and under 50 degres fan is off
if fan is stopping when heating for sure there is an issue - check also the fan connector
thats what ill do when i get home, im at school right now haha
ok so i tried pushing in the connector and it didn't move, I then tried it again and got the error again. Any suggestions on what to do now. I'm thinking that ill try to replace the heater cartridge next
before i order that, does anyone else have any suggestions? and does anyone know the part number for the heater cartridge?
ive messed with the printer all afternoon, when i start the printer it recognizes the temperature it will heat up and start the print but almost immediately the heater comes decoupled.
Hi all, I still havent fixed the issue. So Now I have 12 volts coming in at both pins on the heater, but the printer will not heat? I have tried two different heater cartridges, and Im pretty sure that they are ok. ANy Suggestions on what I should do?
I have repetier .92 and whenever I try to heat it the printer says "heater decoupled"
When I turn the heater on it goes to 0 volts on both pins., even when it says 12 volts it is still cold.
Sounds to me like a thermistor issue. The fact that you have 12V going to the pins when the heater is not engaged means that the power is working. Now, i'm no expert in electricity but electricity should increase when your hotend is trying to heat up.

So a couple things that could make your hot end not heat up could be related to your thermistor. When two wires on a thermistor touch the temp reads are falsely high like 275C when the hot end is actually 10C. This could make your hot end not heat up. Also, the fact that your extruder smoked is a sign that your hot end got too hot and your fan stop working. This happened to me last night and it was because the thermistor had a loose connection so the temp went from 220C down to 10C and this caused the machine to think the hotend is too cold, so it stops the fan and increases the temperature even more, causing things to get extremely hot and is melts and smokes the filament.

So check your thermistor.
Just wanted to add that I encountered the Heater Decoupled msg today on my 1.0 with repetier .92 and it turned out to be the black connect for the heater.

Cut, soldered, heat shrinked, and good to go!

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