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Nozzle mod for printing with PLA
Made a small heat sink for the extruder nozzle tube. I printed with PLA for about 3 hours last night before I got the dreaded PLA jam. Hopefully this heat sink will help shed heat.
Its mild steel. 15.75mm diameter, 6x1.0 thread and 7mm tall

[Image: DSC02925.jpg][Image: DSC02926.jpg]
I think you should really print and use this for PLA: It'll improve the airflow to both heat sinks.
Yes that looks like it would improve air flow a lot. Thanks!!
If this works, any chance you'd be selling them?
With the stock fan shroud, can you still get the extruder to go above 230?

I did the fan shroud mod and that works great without any additional heat sync, but I can't get the extruder above 210 unless I block airflow to the fan with paper or something
With repetier you can control the fan speed. It doesn't matter on my machine, I can only print PLA for a few hours before it jams. I have tried many different hot end temperatures, fan speeds, fan air direction, flow rates, print speeds and nothing works for long. I am replacing the Davinci extruder and hot end in the coming weeks with a J head design.
I think I found the problem of the extruder for PLA
In fact just before exiting the nozzle, some PLA back into the pipe to go cool on the cold filament, then everything stops ...
I stop the PLA for now. I would buy a J-head
If you need a long duration PLA print until you get your head swapped out, a filament oiler should let you run longer. Ive made it to upwards of 6hrs with an oiler, but ultimately got tired dicking with it and replaced with e3d. I still will have some gear kickback, but it will clear itself, unlike the stock head that will ultimately stop pushing filament altogether. I dont know the downsides of an oiler, though, so grain of salt.

Nice work btw, I was about to whip out the lathe/mill too, but that piece of equipment scares me and its a miracle I havent lost a limb or digit from it already. Wink With all this machining skill showing up lately, it shouldnt be long before someone cranks out an entirely new extruder design!

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