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Edge bending
Hey Guys,
I have a brand new DaVinci 1.0 AiO printer.
I have following Problem:
After a few layers printed the edges will bend upwards.
Can anybody help me to solve this Problem?[Image: IMG_20150122_162736_2015-01-23.jpg]
Welcome to the davinci and the joys of ABS. Wink There are a couple things you can do to lessen the degree of edge curl.

1. Apply glue stick while bed is cold. For some reason I couldnt get models to stick if I applied the glue while the bed was heating up.
2. ABS Slurry, u can mix ABS scraps with acetone to create whats called a slurry. Effectively it makes a thin layer raft that ABS will stick really well to.
3. Tabs on edge of prints. Even with the above methods, I would still get edge curl on long prints with straight edges, a pencil box for example. I would take the model into sketchup and create discs that have the width of my first layer and place on the corners of the object. This increases the surface area that can stick to the bed, and even if those start to come up, u can easily pause the print and squirt some slurry under it to glue them back down.
4. Raft/brim - Printing with a raft will often times help, but I didnt like this method as the cleanup was a chore, especially if you needed a clean surface bottom. Brim works well but I dont think thats available in the stock software, same principle, more surface area to stick.
5. Skirt placed close to the object with same layer count often times will help hold heat in, which lessens the impact of the lower layers cooling and contracting. Again I dont think this feature is available in stock software, cant remember for sure.

Try the first 3 to see how far it gets you, ABS edge curl was the primary issue that drove me to flash firmware so I had more options to play with. Good luck!
Smile First of all, please excuse my some times, may be not correct Englisch - I'm not a native Speaker. Thanks for your replay Karma. I will try your tips, especially with the slury, That seems to be the easiest think to do. I allways aplied the glue before I send the file to the printer, so the bed was not heated. I had the Feeling that a mis-calbration coused the problem, but as I see, that might be not the cause.
But there comes an other question I have: If I calibrate the Printer - what is better, calibrate it to 245 or 225? Maybe you can halp me with this one again?
Best wishes
Besides Nephenty's very good suggestions, make sure to keep your printer door and lid closed to keep the heat in. You want the ABS to cool down slowly and evenly to prevent warping.

But ultimately ABS has a very high tendency to warp and for certain prints you might be better of doing it with PLA if you can (and if PLA is an adequate material for whatever you are printing, which is not always the case). However you'll need to do some light modding to print with PLA in the 1.0 (unlike the 1.0A which allegedly supports PLA).

As for your bed leveling question, I'd suggest to quit using auto-leveling, it's not very reliable. As soon as you get some confidence with the printer you'll be better off leveling the bed manually, with a sheet of paper (the procedure is well explained elsewhere in the forums and the internet).

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