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Da vinci mo board
I have a divinci 1.0 with I believe a second gen board. It has the jp1 jumper with no pins. I'm trying to get repetier on it and don't know what ardwino board I have and every time I try to open the dmg file I can't find the ino file to flash it the board. I'm using a Mac to flash it with and any help would be great.
if normal SDCard it is old generation, if micro SDCard it is new generation
check this :
what dmg file are you talking about ?
It's the repetier dmg for Mac It's the Mac 56 dmg for the life of me I can't find the ino file. And it's the old board with the big sd card. I'm trying to find which ardwino board to set the ardwino to.
check the link I gave you - there is no repetier.dmg to open, the ino file come from my github
i have to use the version for mac. the one the you state won't open with my computer. you said to clone the firmware. do you have a copy of it that i can get? this is so confusing. thanks for all you help.
Mac or PC structure is the same, dpk is an installation package not installed package, you do not have to deal will installation package but installed files, when installed your program is in applications directory (
check the read me : it explains for Mac also

also if you do not know how to clone a directory in github as mentioned in explaination : "just click the Download Zip button on the right" it will give you the sources of FW
ok im on windows now and am confused on where the is im so lost on this its not funny. also the board arduino.due isn't on my list of boards. the computer is showing it as com6 on here. so I know it can see it. I have the files pulled out of your github on the desktop. and am tring to find where to replace them at. thanks in advance for all you have done so far.

There is the arduino IDE (integrated Development Environment) for all computers.
You should use arduino 1.5.8 IDE
select Mac OSX version to install
(your also going to need up to date Java)
Then the arduino sketch (XXXX.ino) can be downloaded and opened in the Arduino IDE.
You will see a main program and a number of subroutine elements.
See the arduino site for tutorials.

You probably don't know it but mac has Unix and Python installed --- OS X is just a GUI on top of it.

ok got repetier flashed then powercycled the printer. now how do I send g 502 and g500. to it? thanks for all your help
In repetier host :

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