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Problems With Extruder Not Heating Up
Hello All,

So after my first big print my da vinci 1.0 stopped heating up when printing. Basically the temp on the bed climbs fine but the extruder doesnt heat up at all and eventually it errors out with i believe 0011. The weird thing is when I load filament it heats up fast and perfectly its only when I print that it doesnt heat up at all. So far I have gotten the heating element replaced and now I cut the plugs and have them directly connected to eachother. I took off the back panel and unplugged/plugged in as well and still am in the same boat. I am going to be flashing the fw on it and am wondering if that will fix it. Also chances of a faulty thermocouple? Thank you everyone
Are you using a cartridge resetter? If so, double check the temperature. The load/unload is a firmware/eeprom setting, which print temps go from the cartridge.

It would help to know what firmware and software you are using to control the printer with.


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